About Me

I'm a small town girl from central West Texas; my husband, Mark, is a country boy from the foothills of North Carolina.  We've been married for 13 amazing years.  One of these days, I'll write the story of how we met--it's a good one.  Together we are a team and he is such a big part of who I am today.  He is a wonderful husband who supports me in my many endeavors and he really “gets” me. However, he is also more private than I am so I won’t be mentioning him as much as I will myself or the kids.  I will say he works in the transportation and logistics industry which has been the reason behind two major moves we have made during marriage.  The first was from NC to upstate South Carolina.  The second, more recent, move was to Northeast Texas.

Words to Describe Me

Indecisive: I agonize and obsess over decisions.  It took me close to a year to decide on a domain for my blog.  It was easier, but not by much, to name our children--possibly because there is a deadline for that decision and Mark had his input.

Crafty: I believe if you can't find it, make it.  I make or put together the kids' Halloween costumes every year.  I like doing it and I will do so until they ask me to stop.  I'll probably cry, but won't let them see.

Quirky:  I get excited when numbers "work out".  For instance, I love that everyone in our family was born in an odd year.  I also love cemeteries.  I think that is an official marker for quirky.

Smart:  If you don't believe me, I'll prove it to you. 

Funny:  I thought my last statement was kind of funny.  At any rate, my kids think I am hilarious.

Optimistic and Happy:  For me, these two words go together.  I always look for the silver lining.  It can be tiring at times, but in the end it makes me happy.

A Few Odds and Ends

I am a bargain hunter and clearance rack stalker.

We homeschool our kids.

I love to read, take photos, cook and bake.

I taught myself how to crochet, play the clarinet and twirl a baton.

I can still do a cartwheel.

I can't stand misspelled words or wrong use (to, too, two).

I studied English literature and Russian history in college.

I don't like horror movies, but I like The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and the Twilight saga.

Ironically, I faint if my finger is pricked.

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