Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011 (mostly photos)

I learned on Sunday that each kid has their own individual style of hunting eggs:

Drop and Run

Squat and Grab

Bend and Pick

Stop everything and pose for the camera

Since the kids were dressed so nicely, I took the opportunity to try, once again, to take a good group shot. Once again, I came so close to getting the perfect photo. Ah well, at least this time there were no tears or sullen attitudes or distractions. Best of all, the kids were mostly cooperative. That, my friends, is happy progress. And I just have to say: I have some great looking kids!

My favorite of the boys.

My favorite of the girls.

You may have noticed I have a new photo at the top of the blog. You may have also noticed that photo is missing from this lineup. The simple explanation is that I combined two photos into one. I finally started playing around with the editing program on my laptop (which I've had for a year). Ideally, I would have liked to take the best shot of each kid and put them all in the same photo, but I'm just not that good yet. The best I could do is splice two together.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Anna's First Haircut

Anna has been needing a haircut for a few months now, but how to get that accomplished? Anna does not like strangers very much so going to a salon was out of the question. I've given the other kids haircuts, but never the first one. That one always seems more daunting. The first haircut is special, or at least it is in my book. Plus, I didn't want to royally screw it up. In the end though, I decided to do it. I figured even if I did a bad job, I would save Anna the trauma of having a stranger do it. Those that know me, know I do things a little unconventionally. I didn't spread newspaper all over the kitchen floor and have Anna sit alone in a chair. Nope. I cut her hair while she was eating a snack at the table and I had Mark sit opposite Anna to get her to look up when needed. I'll admit that I took off a little more than I intended in the back, but I did save the curls that grow right in the middle. The end result is a cute little bob with bangs.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Austin's 4th Birthday and a Trip to Grandpa's House

Austin turned 4 years old on Saturday! He is almost always sweet and loving. He's the kind of kid that likes to be held and cuddled. Austin is also usually on the quiet side. He's content to play on his own and mind his own business. When he does play with his brother or sisters, he's happy with whatever. Austin is just a very easy going kid.

On Sunday, we went to North Carolina to see my father-in-law and have Austin's birthday party. This is the first time we had to mobilize the party, but I think it went well.

Austin with his cake.

What kind of face is this?

Austin with his birthday toys (little Toy Story figurines). He hasn't put them down yet.

Anna running with her yellow balloon.


Emily wanted to send a balloon to her Grandma in heaven. She chose a pink balloon and let it go.

Emily posing on the tractor.

Garrett got a real treat when he was allowed to drive Grandpa's tractor:
Getting it started.

Backing up.

Driving down the road. Notice that Garrett is the only one with his hands on the wheel!

My only attempt at a group photo.

Some of Grandpa's flowers.

And finally a photo of the whole cake. I made it using the directions from here.