Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emily's 10th Birthday!

I can't believe Emily is now a decade old! In this past year, she has really started to mature and become more independent. Right now, I just want to slow time down. She is really growing up way too fast for my liking.

Usually for the kids' birthdays I make a special dinner or we order out for something they want. I make a cake and we have it and ice cream at home and then open presents. This year, I planned something more elaborate for Emily's birthday; after all, you only turn double digits once. However, Anna ran a fever for 4 days prior to Emily's day, so we had to scale things back a bit. The plan was to take the family to Emily's favorite restaurant and then have the cake, ice cream and presents there. Then we were going to take the family bowling. The restaurant was going to decorate and everything. Anna was fever-free for 24 hours on Sunday so we took everyone out to eat, but then came home to do the rest (except bowling). I hope we can do that this weekend or next.

Emily looking so grown-up!

Anna still not feeling 100%

Austin giving big sis a hug

Garrett, goofy as ever.

Emily ready to get the party started

Emily and her cake

Blowing out the candles

Hmmm. Did I get them all?

Of course, I have post pictures of the cake I spent hours on! Here is a side and above view:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Snow this Winter! 1-10-2011

We got our first snow of Winter on Sunday night/Monday morning. In this area we seem to get one snow event every year. Here is 2010 and 2009. Compared to the past two years, the 4 inches we got was quite a lot! In fact, this is the first snow almost-two-year-old Anna has able to experience. This is the most snow I've seen since we moved from North Carolina. Emily is the only one that has seen snow like this--until now! Because the area is not equipped to handle wintry weather, the roads were impassable all day and night Monday. That I can recall, this is the first time Mark's work shut down due to weather. Since he was home, this snow day makes the top of my list of favorites!

The day was just about perfect. Mark and I took the kids out in the backyard in the afternoon. He got to play with them while I took photos. After awhile, he went in to make hot chocolate and I gathered the ingredients to make snow cream. The snow was very dry this time and would not form into snow balls, however it was perfect fro snow cream! Now, on to the photos:

Anna doesn't know what to think yet.

Austin didn't want to wear his gloves. He later changed his mind.

Emily is already directing everyone.

Emily making a snow angel.

Garrett is happy to be out in the snow.

I'm reserving judgment on this white stuff.

See? I don't need gloves.


I think the plan was to bury Daddy in the snow......

Enjoying time with Daddy.