Monday, June 1, 2009

Smiles and a New/Old Chair

You should all know that I have changed the settings to this blog. Now anyone can leave a comment whether or not they have a google account. The only condition is entering a security word (provided at the time of the comment). This is to prevent spammers from leaving comments. So, if you are reading this, please let me know. I love to hear from people!

Anna has been smiling for a couple of weeks now, but I haven't been able to capture them on camera until today. First, the batteries were dead. Then I would get her to smile, only to have the red light before the flash irritate her. I fiddled with ways to make it work and finally succeeded today. Here are the results:

Trying for a smile..................

Almost got it.........................

There it is!!!

Hey, I could get used to this!

A few days ago, I stopped in at Goodwill to look around. I do this periodically because you never know what you may find. This time I was actually looking for something I could work out in. No sense in spending lots of money on clothes in my current size when I don't plan on being this way for long. I did find a pair of shorts and a shirt that will work for now. I also found this:

I love this chair! I walked into Goodwill and it was sitting at the front of the store. I sat in it for about 5 seconds before I decided it had to be mine. It may not look it, but this chair is very comfortable. I have been wanting a reading chair for awhile now and this one will do nicely. It will have to be reupholstered sometime soon, but until then I can get a cover for it. At any rate, it was a steal at $5.00! Now I just have to find a place to put it other than the front hall......

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