Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Newest Family Member

We have a new pet. Her name is Molly and she adopted us. Mark and I had been discussing getting a cat for a long time. I wanted to get one from the shelter and I thought we would wait until after the first of the year. Then one day in mid-September, this cat shows up on our deck. She started following the kids around, wanting to be petted. We've had strays show up before, but she was the first one that was friendly and I didn't feel the need to run her off. We started feeding her and she hung around (like any smart cat would do). Anytime I washed dishes or the kids were at the table, she would perch on the window sills and watch us. Mark and I decided we should keep her.

A month went by and the cat got a name, a vet visit and the privilege to come inside. I have to say she is the easiest pet we have had so far. We've had a dog, guinea pigs, frogs and a slug. All of them are gone now, but Molly is here to stay. The kids fight over who gets to feed her and clean the litter box. I am not delusional in thinking that it will remain this way, but I am enjoying while I can. It's been a month, maybe it will last........ She really is quite fun to play with and love. I've didn't think I was a cat person, but maybe I am.

Here is Molly when she first showed up:

Here is Molly today:

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