Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Children's Consignment Sale and Strange Coincidence

On Saturday I went to a children's consignment sale. I was selling a few things, but this was a buying trip. As I was driving to town I was thinking about how I was a little homesick for my homestate of Texas. It has been a year since I last got to visit. The longest I have ever been away is 15 months and it looks like it will be that long again. We are planning a family vacation sometime this summer, but the details haven't been worked out. So I get to the sale and as I am looking through the boys' section I see these:
They will be the perfect size for Garrett by October and then Austin can wear them the next year. I have the missing concho--it came off when Emily was trying them on for size. lol I still can't believe I found a vest embellished with Texas in South Carolina! It makes me think of the movie Fools Rush In where it is mentioned that there are signs everywhere. I don't know if finding the chaps and vest is exactly a sign or more of a coincidence, but they did make me feel better. And they are darn cute, to boot!

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