Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet Jeffrey

We have a new family member. The kids are now the proud owners of a new pet. Did we get a fluffy bunny rabbit? Maybe a cuddly kitten? Perhaps an energetic puppy? Oh no, we couldn't be that conventional. Now maybe your thoughts have turned toward a gecko, parakeet or even a mouse. Nope. That's won't do for us either. Our new pet is none other than Jeffrey, the slug. Mark found this monster Leopard Slug outside one night. I captured the little bugger to show the kids and they promptly adopted him. After a week of calling him "Sammy", Emily decided he should be named Jeffrey. So without further ado, meet Jeffrey:

When he is all bunched up like this he measures approximately 6 inches (the length of a dollar bill). When he is all stretched out, he comes in at almost 8 inches. That's some slug!

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