Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Explaining the Birds and Bees

Not too long ago, Emily expressed interest in knowing how babies are made. I know she is a little old to just now be getting this information, but I was waiting for her cue. I thought when each of her siblings were born, she would start asking questions. This never happened. Instead, she waited until late one night when everyone was getting ready to go to bed. Since I am one to seize opportunities, I told Garrett to listen too. Actually, if you want to know the truth, Mark was putting the kids to bed and when Emily started asking questions, he hollered for me to come--quickly. He says this is my territory. He's probably right. I tend to be better at using correct terms for anatomy and I try to keep things simple, but truthful.

I also happened to mentioned that making babies is something only married people do. I don't really care if they are married or not when they start having sex. However, I would like for them to grow up thinking that is the thing to do.

Emily seemed to take the birds and bees discussion in stride. Garrett, on the other hand, has decided he never wants to get married.

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