Monday, April 18, 2011

Anna's First Haircut

Anna has been needing a haircut for a few months now, but how to get that accomplished? Anna does not like strangers very much so going to a salon was out of the question. I've given the other kids haircuts, but never the first one. That one always seems more daunting. The first haircut is special, or at least it is in my book. Plus, I didn't want to royally screw it up. In the end though, I decided to do it. I figured even if I did a bad job, I would save Anna the trauma of having a stranger do it. Those that know me, know I do things a little unconventionally. I didn't spread newspaper all over the kitchen floor and have Anna sit alone in a chair. Nope. I cut her hair while she was eating a snack at the table and I had Mark sit opposite Anna to get her to look up when needed. I'll admit that I took off a little more than I intended in the back, but I did save the curls that grow right in the middle. The end result is a cute little bob with bangs.


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