Monday, April 11, 2011

Austin's 4th Birthday and a Trip to Grandpa's House

Austin turned 4 years old on Saturday! He is almost always sweet and loving. He's the kind of kid that likes to be held and cuddled. Austin is also usually on the quiet side. He's content to play on his own and mind his own business. When he does play with his brother or sisters, he's happy with whatever. Austin is just a very easy going kid.

On Sunday, we went to North Carolina to see my father-in-law and have Austin's birthday party. This is the first time we had to mobilize the party, but I think it went well.

Austin with his cake.

What kind of face is this?

Austin with his birthday toys (little Toy Story figurines). He hasn't put them down yet.

Anna running with her yellow balloon.


Emily wanted to send a balloon to her Grandma in heaven. She chose a pink balloon and let it go.

Emily posing on the tractor.

Garrett got a real treat when he was allowed to drive Grandpa's tractor:
Getting it started.

Backing up.

Driving down the road. Notice that Garrett is the only one with his hands on the wheel!

My only attempt at a group photo.

Some of Grandpa's flowers.

And finally a photo of the whole cake. I made it using the directions from here.

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