Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our First Snow of the Winter 2-12-10

For months it seemed like everyone got snow except us. At least 3 storms came through and completely missed us. Don't get me wrong, I am not very fond of cold weather, but I did want the kids to have at least one snow. Finally on 2-12-10, I got my wish.

Here is the view from our front porch at 4:43 in the afternoon:

Still going strong at 8:07 in the evening. I think we got a total of 2 inches. I was really looking forward to taking the kids out to play in the snow.

But I thought I waited too long. This is all that we had left out front by noon the next day:
So I decided to take Emily and Garrett outside on a "Snow Hunt". Anna was asleep and Austin didn't want to put on clothes. LOL Mark stayed indoors while the two oldest and I set out for our adventure. At first I thought our mission would not be fruitful, but never fear, we found a large patch of snow in the shade of the house.
There wasn't much, but there was enough to play with buckets and shovels.
And enough to have a snowball fight!

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